Timothy Johnson

Blogging with emacs Written By Timothy Johnson

Table of Contents

  1. Blogging with emacs
  2. org-mode
  3. A word on why


Blogging with emacs

I’ve been trying to use emacs for almost all my writing. With the Spacemacs distro it might just be the most distraction free writing experience you can find. I used to laugh at those stories of George R.R. Martin wiritng in WordStar but hey, I guess we all grow up and see the light!

So for this site which I hope will be a way of logging some of my thoughts I thought emacs would be the best platform


To do this I am using org-mode, an insanely complete package that lets you organise everything using just text files. From there I will export to markdown and, using jekyll and git, export this streight to a external server and, hopefully, to readers eyes.

Perhaps I will document this process a bit more in future updates - if only as a record to understand what I did!

A word on why

So this blog will stand as a log of somethings I think should be said. Long form writing is often the best way to get your thoughts out and see where your arguments are flawed. I hope this acts as a therapeutic and creative outgas.

I have a few ideas and working on upcoming posts - hopefully see you back here soon.