Timothy Johnson

Steam pulse audio fix Written By Timothy Johnson

Fixing Sound for Steam Linux

I have had some issues with crackling sound and Steam on my latest build - notably during Fallout 4.

To fix this I came across this post and this video - unfortunately the links in the video are dead.

I believe it is caused by high rate sample rate audio being play though low rate kit.

For my future reference and for anyone also stumbling across this - I please see a link to my git up which has the pulse audio .conf fig file that - at least for now- works for me.

To use - backup your /etc/pulse/daemon.conf file with the below code to save a copy in your home dir:

sudo cp /etc/pulse/daemon.conf daemon.conf_working

then either clone file from git or change manually with

sudo gedit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf 

*Other text editors are available!