Timothy Johnson

Covid - huh? Written By Timothy Johnson


Covid - huh?

So after dodging the bullet for over two year, both myself and my Partner came down with Covid. We had just returned from visiting family in Spain and, after a day of feeling a little strange, I woke up with a fever and the lateral test to prove it.

While initially not to bad at around day four my fatigue and sore throat were almost unbearable. I was struggling to swallow water and unable to recall what drugs I had taken last.

It could have been much worse, and I’m glad that my Partner was not as badly effected as me and that we had both been fully jabbed.

I stated to feel much better on day five and even returned to (virtual) work, however that was likely a mistake. It was quite difficult to concentrate and even more difficult to stay awake for the requisite 9-5. On reflection, I’m not sure how much work was done that week!

It’s interesting to also observe that our friends that had also escaped covid this time round also got it in this wave. It seems that either we all collectively let our guard down or this variant has some way to circumventing immunity. Either way try to avoid it.

So, lessons learned? Well I would argue there are two. 1) don’t return to work early, embrace being ill and enjoy guilt free YouTube while you can, and 2) write down the damn medication you’re taking!